The Churro Bar

A churro is Spain’s answer to the donut.

It is a crunchy, deep-fried choux pastry. Churros are popular not only in Spain, where they are often served at breakfast, but also in Mexico and ever so popular in Durban.


Churros are usually made of a batter which is piped into extremely hot oil. Once the churro is fried it is traditionally rolled in hot cinnamon sugar. The ideal churro has a distinct crunch when one bites into it, but the interior should have a slight softness at the centre.


The Chilli Chocolate Chefs Bring you The Churro Bar, another live and interactive station to give a wow factor to your event. Your guests will most certainly be coming back for seconds.

Step 1

Select a churro on a skewer

Step 2

The Churro bar is equipped with a selection of delectable sauces

Dip into a selection of creamy, rich sauces ranging from chocolate and caramel to peanut butter, butterscotch and white chocolate

Step 3

Feed your soul

Bon Apetit

This station is equipped with all requirements for the Bar including branding